Anastasias Crown
5410 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15232

Things You Should Know

These tips will help you understand what is expected of guests and staff, to help make your time in our salon the most relaxing and tranquil experience it can be.

Health Concerns

Our salon has always followed universal precautions and the highest level of sanitation, however In our response to Covid-19, high tough points, such as door knobs and the pay station are cleaned after every client leaves. We wash our hands after every client service. If for any reason we leave the room during your service we will sanitize and put on new gloves upon entering. If you are NOT fully vaccinated you must wear a mask and keep your nose covered as well during your visit with us. We have two hand washing sinks, feel free to wash your hands when entering our establishment.


Arrivals & Emails

We have socially distanced our appointment times. If you arrived more than 10 minutes early the entrance may be locked, do not be concerned if you have received your email confirmation we are expecting you.
Save your confirmation email, You may use the link to cancel appointments up until 48 hours before the appointment without having to call the salon.


We are a growing salon; we only have a receptionist part time. If you call During business hours and no one answers, know that we are will get back to you before the close of business. Please speak clearly and slow when leaving your telephone number. During the summer months we have a waiting list for certain services, we check every morning for cancellations.

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If you have a Groupon for a particular service, you don’t need to put in the Groupon code, when booking on line, however any service that is over 55 minutes does require a “refundable” deposit to safeguard our time. We never receive payment from Groupon until three weeks after your service; same day cancellations hurt our business. If you no show or cancel on the same day you forfeit your deposit and must make a new deposit to rebook your appointment.

Salon Ambassador

Most importantly, our salon ambassador is a 3lb fully grown tea cup allergy free yorkie. She will not bark or bite, but will greet you with a wagging tail if she is not sitting on her throne in the window seat. If you do not like cute little doggies, Then Anastasia’s Crown might not be the best fit for you. We do not let her come into the treatment room. She is part of the charm of our boutique spa environment.


Terms & Conditions


Monday Closed
Tuesday 12:30pm -6pm
Wednesday 9:00am – 7pm
Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am-6pm(check scheduling page we may offer earlier apts)
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday Closed
* at owners discretion the Owner may extend hours for special services which may result in an after hours fee.


Any client that arrives more than 10 minutes late may have to have their appointment rescheduled. You will be asked to pay an additional deposit depending on the length of the Appointment. Any client that “No show’s ” for an appointment Will be charged 50% with their stored card on file. Clients will also forfeit any after 48 hours of making an appointment. clients that use groupon and “no- call- no show” their appointment, their groupon will be marked as used. We reserve the right to not service the “no show” client.(Endermologie clients forfeit one prepaid session) SAME DAY cancellations forfeit deposits “”No show’s or same day cancellations, also forfeit any discounted rate of service. All services more than 40 minutes require a deposit.  Clients that RESCHEDULE forfeit their deposits and must pay a NEW deposit to reschedule. Sincerely we understand that “life happens”, however please understand that last minute cancellations prevent others from the opportunity to have a service. GROUPON CLIENTS, ONLY ONE GROUPON PER 12 MONTHS, If you violate the policy you must pay the difference or more depending on what you initially paid. Please read the fine print of your Groupon.

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