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5410 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15232
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Yvette Renee Royal


Anastasias Crown Esthetic Services Jessica Parsons
Anastasias Crown Esthetic Services Jessica Parsons
Jessica Pearson

Licensed Esthetician

Anastasias Crown Esthetic Services Gerber - Salon Ambassador
Anastasias Crown Esthetic Services Gerber - Salon Ambassador

Salon Ambassador

Our Story

Our signature service is FDA approved Body contouring via Endermologie and body waxing.We provide a nurturing environment with high energy. Your comfort, security, and hygiene are always the first priority. The name Anastasia means to be resurrected (a form of transformation). We often associate resurrection from a spiritual perspective, however from a physical standpoint sometimes our physical bodies need ‚Äúresurrected‚ÄĚ or ‚Äútransformed‚ÄĚ if you will, into a new version of ourselves. As we begin a process of self care, transforming our minds, developing new behaviors and mindsets we can transform our physical bodies as well, becoming the most beautiful version of ourselves. When this happens it is as if we have earned a crown! Finally Anastasia‚Äôs Crown represents a promise fulfilled. In May of 1997 for a brief moment n time my Niece Anastasia Renee Pender passed through this world. Her Life represented a promise that would come to pass. The Day we Buried Anastasia there were butterflies everywhere we went, a true symbol of transformation. This Salon is our crown for here. Her life is resurrected Celebrating the transformation that can occur in everyone.

Our Mission

The mission for Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic Salon is for women to feel like they have become the most beautiful version of themselves, completely transformed. Anastasia’s Crown boast a modern setting,located 5410 Center Ave Pgh Pa 15232, which is in Shadyside but also convenient to all the east end neighborhoods as well as Oakland and Bloomfield. Anastasia’s Crown features cellulite reduction, using state of the art Endermologie treatment. Endermologie is a safe, non evasive, relaxing method, using mechanical stimulation to massage the skin. The cellulite reduction occurs from multiple factors including forced increase of microcirculation in the hypodermis and superficial fat layers, moving out trapped fluids and toxins and bringing in oxygenated blood. It also softens hardened contracted septa. The technologies are trademarked. Endermologie has 9 FDA cleared claims including reducing body measurements of cellulite treated area’s

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‚ÄúFantastic experience. Yvette is professional, friendly, and very good at her job. Would highly recommend to anyone in the Pittsburgh area!‚ÄĚ

Kei Matsuo


Our Spa History.

  1. yvette royal welcome image

    The Devine Plan 1997

    The Divine plan was set in may of 1997 when My niece Anastasia lived only moments after her birth. This business Represents " a crown" for my sisters resilience during a very challenging period of time.

  2. yvette royal at sola studios

    Sola Salons

    May of 2016 Anastasia's Crown was launched inside of a Sola Salon studio. Deemed by some as a business incubator for single owner/operators the business quickly out grew the space ads the demand for more services pursued her.

  3. Anastasias Crown on Baum Blvd

    That Time On Baum

    2018 Anastasisa's crown moved to 5001 Baum blvd inside the Pittsburgh design center, Which included a class room space for Certification classes

  4. Bombshell Waxing

    Bombshell Wax

    2019 Anastasia's Crown becomes an instructor representing Bombshell wax company as the demand for brazilian waxing grew in Pittsburgh

  5. Anastasias Crown LPG Endermologie Services

    You Know What Happened

    2020 You know what happened... Our business closed for 3 months, But Just like the meaning of the name Anastasia(to be resurrected ) The business experienced explosive growth as the world yearned for quality self care.

  6. Anastasias Crown Esthetic Services Team

    100's of Treatment Protocols

    2023 Anastasia's Crown continues to grow and thrive and has over 12 core services and 100's of treatment protocols to choose from.