Strangers often call me Anastasia when meeting me for the first time. Smiling I gently correct them. ” How did you come up with the name for your business?” Usually is the next question. Depending on my mood, the time of the day, or my connection with the client or aquaintance; I will give them the long or short version of Anastasia’s Crown. Oddly enough before my business was launched Anastasia’s Crown was a Christian Women’s Accountability group available to Any woman who needed support with weight loss; members weighed in Weighed in weekly and connected on line to share hurdles, successes and encourage other women.

Anastasia’s Crown the business and “ministry” completely aligns with my God given mission, “my purpose is made manifest by exhorting others to transform their minds and bodies.”

I have been in the make-up and skin care industry for twenty years representing companies such as Clinique and working directly for MAC and Sephora, learning from great leaders and teaching my peer’s, clients and many friends along the way. Very soon  I will add a nutrition component to the business as what you put into your body greatly effects the condition of the skin. I often say I am in the. transformation business using my natural talents in make-up, skincare and nutrition to inspire, empower women.

Our signature service is skin sculpting and cellulite reduction via Endermologie. Having dealt with weight issues my entire life, I know for certain that this condition of the skin undermines the self-confidence  of women. As a licensed esthetician I chose to focus on cellulite because even after weight loss, cellulite or loose skin may make people feel like their efforts were in vain. Endermologie not only improves the skin but boost confidence levels and improves well being.

The Name “Anastasia” means to be resurrected (a form of transformation) We often associate  resurrection from a spiritual perspective, however from a nonspiritual standpoint sometimes our physical bodies need to be resurrected or transformed. As we decide to develop new behaviors and mindsets we can transform our physical bodies as well, becoming the most beautiful version of ourselves: when this happens it is if we have earned a crown!  The name of this business is also a tribute to my niece Anastasia Renee Pender, who passed through this world for a brief moment one afternoon in May of 1997. Butterflies were everywhere( the day Anastasia was buried) which for our family symbolizes transformation and promises which would be full filled . This salon is my crown for her.

Right before  I opened  my first studio I flew to Florida to receive my certification in Endermologie. I took a nap during the flight and as I begin to open my eyes, the gentleman sitting next to me was doing an ancestor search on his laptop. Opening my eyes completely I could not notice the word ANASTASIA on his screen. This “Anastasia” had lived a single day, just like my niece. I was blown away. I felt like this was the final confirmation that I had chosen the perfect name for my business and I was traveling at the right place at the right time. The next day my colleagues and I drove to Miami and while on South beach as the sun was setting and the ocean waves splashing my ankles I Thanked God For Anastasia’s Crown.

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