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How Does Endermologie Work?

Anastasia’s crown is certified by Endosystems, using LPG trademarked protocols. The cellu M6 integral device has the latest technology and has nine FDA cleared claims. Endermologie (TM) Is the exclusive technique of cellular stimulation by Mecano-stimulation (TM )

The massage causes biological reactions, stimulate adipocytes, release fatty deposits; stimulated fibroblast increase the natural production of collagen and elastin. As fatty deposits are attacked the septa are stretched and blood circulation increases, this in turn smooths out that “cottage cheese” appearance in the skin. Treatments were developed in 1986 in France by Louis Paul Guitay. The treatment is non-evasive, relaxing and requires no down time. Endermologie uses a synergistic action of 2 independent motorized rollers inside a treatment chamber combined with continuous or sequential mode. These rollers do three different things:

  • Roll in (TM) which targets fat tissue, stimulates adipocytes, which activates fat loss.
  • Roll up (TM) which smooths cellulite, enhances circulation and resculpts body
  • Roll out(TM) which stimulates fibroblast, which produce collagen and elastin, fibers that are important to skin care.

The result of these actions are reduction in cellulite, smoother, less flabby, tightened skin and reduced circumferential body measurements of cellulite treated areas.

To support device claims, the LPG company has over 130 scientific studies and over 27 years of research. Each Endermologie treatment ranges from 15-35 minutes long and addresses each clients unique area of concern. The average women needs 10-15 treatments to get the best results, most women will see results between the second and sixth treatment. A clean diet, that includes plenty of waters recommended for optimum results.

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Cellulite Endermologie Treatment


Endermologie: spring/summer price by session $80


Endermologie: fall/winter price by session $60

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15 minute sessions to reduce cellulite through compression and kneeding.
*(payment plan available) includes reduced price maintenance program. One free session per year.