Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic Services

5001-baumThe mission for Anastasia’s Crown Esthetic Salon is for women to feel like they have become the most beautiful version of themselves, completely transformed.

Anastasia’s Crown boast a modern setting,located inside of the Pittsburgh Design Center, which boarders the east end neighborhoods of Oakland and Bloomfield.

Anastasia’s Crown features cellulite reduction, using state of the art Endermologie treatment. Endermologie is a safe, non evasive, relaxing method, using mechanical stimulation to massage the skin.The cellulite reduction occurs from multiple factors including forced increase of microcirculation in the hypodermis and superficial fat layers, moving out trapped fluids and toxins and bringing in oxygenated blood. It also softens hardened contracted septa. The technologies are trademarked. Endermologie has 9 FDA cleared claims including reducing body measurements of cellulite treated area’s.

How does Endermologie work?

Anastasia’s crown is certified by Endosystems, using LPG trademarked protocols. The cellu M6 integral device has the latest technology and has nine FDA cleared claims. Endermologie (TM) Is the exclusive technique of cellular stimulation by Mecano-stimulation (TM )


Meet Yvette Renee Royal

myfavorite_900I am a Pittsburgh native graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and The South hills Beauty Academy. I have worked in the industry for over twenty years representing brands such as Clinique, Sephora and MAC cosmetics. My philosophy on make-up is that it is an expression of art and only enhances the beauty that one already has within themselves. As an esthetician I chose to focus on treating cellulite because it tends to cripple the confidence of so many women, causing self-image concerns.

I personally discovered the tremendous benefits of Endermologie in 2012 when training for a fitness competition. I was in the best shape of my life, under 12% yet was plagued with cellulite on my backside. No amount of exercise would rid it, enter Endermologie; not only did it drastically reduce my cellulite, it made my hips even smaller and took away the soreness I was experiencing for training. I was so amazed with the results I wanted other people to experience the same.

Let me be your personal beauty coach, Share your vision with me and I will help you achieve becoming the most beautiful version of yourself.

Be transformed!

Certified Endermologist, License Esthetician

Certified Bombshell Wax USA instructor